How does it work?

An easy to use on-line service. It takes just a few minutes to register and create your personalised cards.

Once you have opened an account you will be sent an email with your login details so that you can access your account immediately. Once you have logged in you will have full control over creating and modifying your MyFaceCard's.

Susan Jones
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Step by step instructions are easy to understand and follow and all you need is a photograph that you are happy with and a company logo or image if you are an individual. You will be able to create your MyFaceCard's online before sending them to your personal and/or staff email accounts.  This means you can keep control of your MyFaceCard's in one central location.

Designing your Face Card.  You will be able to choose your own bordering, colouring, font size/style and much more. Simple step by step instructions are then provided to ensure your MyFaceCard is successfully integrated and attached to your chosen email account. You can be up and running with your new MyFaceCard in under 10 minutes.

Multiple MyFaceCard creation.  You only need one person in your organisation to have an account.  They can create, delete or modify all the MyFaceCard entries which have been added to your MyFaceCard database.

Problems? If you do experience any problems you can look through our Frequently Asked Questions section or email our technical support department.