Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Why use MyFaceCard
  • How much is MyFaceCard?
  • How does the account opening process work?
  • When do I pay?
  • I have more employees now.  Can I upgrade my account?

Why use MyFaceCard?

As this is a template environment, with an underlying database,  you can add delete and administer your employees simply and easily.  No need for technical experience or an internal email environment.  The receptionist to the non technical director can do this..

How much is MyFaceCard?

For home users and small businesses, MyFaceCard is FREE, this is explained within the what does it cost section of our website.  This initial licence will allow the creation of 10 face cards.  We assume that you are a larger business user if you wish to have more than 10 face cards, and we charge a small administration fee for this.

How does the account opening process work?

Your account is automatically created when you register.   You will be asked for your personal details such as your name and email address.  It is these credentials that are finally used to create your account.  When registration is complete, your account is opened automatically and you will receive your user name and password by email.

When do I pay?

We take payments by Pay-Pal when you reach the limit of your FaceCard creation, 10 face cards.  This is an annual payment to keep your account active.

I have more employees now.  Can I upgrade my account?

Yes you can, this is simple and easy.  Just log into your account and create more than 10 face cards.  You will then be asked to pay for your annual subscription.