MyFaceCard is an email signature with a Difference! ...... Your face!

We all know how impersonal emails can be and at MyFaceCard we want to change that. We believe that personalising your email signature with a photograph of yourself will go a long way to making sure your email stands out from the crowd.

If you are a business owner you can have all your staff promoting themselves and your business by using a MyFaceCard and including your company logo.

Think about it, we are always striving to promote ourselves and our businesses in the best possible light and what MyFaceCard does is allow you to really connect with your friends, associates, suppliers and customers by showing them who you are and putting a face to a name.

MyFaceCard is friendly, personalised and above all professional.

Get up and running with your own Facecard today! My Facecard You can register and get a free account, simply visit our registration page and enter your details.  Start creating your Face Cards today.